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Posts Tagged ‘calories in Blue Moon Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Pyramid Apricot Ale’

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OK. I admit that this post is a bit of a stretch, but I was trying to find beers that might appeal to women — as well as men, while still keeping an eye on the nutritional data of these beers. Sometimes, however, just like with love, you have to just jump in and say the hell with it! I think this selection will work. Remember; there are no bad beers, just bad beer drinkers.

Lindeman''s For Lovers

1. Lindeman’s Framboise — This Belgian beer is one of several fruit-enhanced Lambics that even those who hate fruit beers will probably enjoy. The addition of raspberries gives this beer a nice Valentine Day rose color. While Does My BUTT Look BIG In This BEER? Nutritional Values Of 2,000 Worldwide Beers, give serving sizes for beer as 12-ounces, as deemed by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), this is one of those exceptions to the rule. I have no idea how the TTB will handle this champagne-like classic. This drink should be served in a flute glass at 45 degrees F, most likely conforming to the serving size deemed for wine — 5 ounces. Do a little math and bringing the nutritional values down from 12-ounces to 5-ounces, we have;

Serving size - 5 ounces
carbohydrates - 14.33
calories - 76
alcohol by volume (abv) 2.30%
Weight Watchers POINTS - 1

2. Michelob Porter — Yeah, I can hear the craft beer boo-birds moaning here, but have you tried this beer? While A-B, as expected, reaches for the mainstream tastes, this beer really surpasses this philosophy. Actually, I think you’d be


surprised at the entire Michelob line-up. Brewer Nathaniel Davis and his team have been given some free license to create some very interesting beers at reasonable prices to boot. Michelob Porter comes with a blend of caramel and chocolate malts that give this beer a range of interesting attributes, from mild coffee aromas to a hint of dark chocolate flavor.

Serving size - 12 ounces
carbohydrates - 13.20
calories - 180
alcohol by volume (abv) 5.10%
Weight Watchers POINTS - 4

3. Pyramid Apricot Weizen — The first time I saw this beer, I knew I was going to like it. You don’t usually see apricots headlining any food, except dried and sulphered and crammed into a see-through bag. This beer, however, really does the trick. Not too sweet or fruity, Apricot Ale is unfiltered and extraordinarily well-balanced. It will surprise and delight you.

Serving size — 12 ounces
carbohydrates - 12.40
calories - 200
alcohol by volume (abv) 5.10%
Weight Watchers POINTS - 3

4. Boston Beer Company’s Chocolate Bock — Samuel Adams® partnered Felchlin, a renowned Swiss chocolatier, to develop a unique innovation, Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock. They started with a complex selection of carefully


roasted malts combined with hand-selected Noble hops from Bavaria, the world’s oldest growing area. After using a centuries old brewing process, called Krausening, Boston Beer brewers slowly aged the beer on a bed of rare dark cocoa nibs from Felchlin®, a renowned Swiss chocolatier. Known for their quality these wild cocoa nibs, harvested from the rainforest of Northern Bolivia, impart complex aromas and flavors of chocolate, honey and vanilla in the beer. The resulting beer, Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock, has a big, malty character that is combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate, giving this brew a complex full-body taste with a velvety finish.

That says it all.

Serving size — 12 ounces
carbohydrates - 36.00
calories - 230
alcohol by volume (abv) 5.50%
Weight Watchers POINTS - 5

MillerCoors Blue Moon Belgian Ale — OK, OK. If you’re a beer “purist,” this ain’t Belgian. But it’s a good tasting beer and does go well with a slice of orange. My wife actually got me hooked on this beer, sort of our official summertime beer. In our group of family and friends, it seems to be enjoyed by everyone, even the “Don’t you have a Miller Lite?” beer drinkers. Get it fresh from the tap and it’s a real experience. Man or woman, there’s something here for everyone.

Serving size — 12 ounces
carbohydrates - 13.00
calories - 164
alcohol by volume (abv) - 5.36%
Weight Watchers POINTS - 3

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