Healthy Prostates Need Natural Supplements

Healthy Prostates Need Natural Supplements

Prostate health is on the mind of every man over the age of 40. Like most men, I’m sure that you’re searching for a natural supplement for your prostate health.

Due to medical research advancements, there have been some exciting new discoveries. Plus there are quite a few traditional, long standing natural supplements that will assist you in achieving a healthy prostate.

Lycopene,. which is a pigment, occurs naturally in vegetables; it’s what makes tomatoes red, for example. Lycopene is also found in other fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and carrot.

Our bodies don’t manufacture lycopene, we have to obtain it through our food or supplements. Lycopene is one of the best supplements available to improve and maintain prostate health. Lycopene has also been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

Another not very well known supplement for prostate health is pygeum africanum. The pygeum tree is found in Africa, and natives have used the bark for centuries to supplement prostate health.

Recent discoveries for superior supplements include beta sitosterol. It’s been shown to be thousands of times more powerful than pygeum africanum and saw palmetto combined!

Saw Palmetto comes from the dried fruit of partially ripened fruits from dwarf palm trees of the American variety. The tree is native to the coasts in Florida, California, and other southeastern United States.

Tests show that taking saw palmetto will provide relief from many symptoms of an enlarged prostate. These symptoms include frequent urination and nighttime urination which affect the overall quality of life.

Stinging Nettle is a remedy used for therapeutic reasons. Stinging nettle has been shown to help prevent an enlarged prostate. It won’t solve the problem, but for those suffering from an enlarged prostate it will provide relief.

These are just a few of the natural prostate health supplements available today to help men maintain a health prostate. Remember to tell your doctor when you start taking a new supplement.