Affordable health insurance rates - Part 47

Affordable health insurance rates - Part 47

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Free Preventive Care Is Not Really Free

Colorado’s junior senator, Micheal Bennet, has made health care reform a major priority during his time in Washington, and has campaigned tirelessly for stronger consumer protections and expanded access to health insurance.  Since Colorado is so divided in terms of political views and opinions on health care reform, Bennet’s stance has won him both enemies and friends.

His website has a summary of reforms that are included in the bill the Senate passed last month.  The removal of lifetime limits on health insurance benefits reminds me of Nathan Wilkes and his family, for whom this legislation can’t come soon enough.  The st

Comparing Health Care Costs And Outcomes

Evan Falchuk has written a very thoughtful article about a recent graph created by National Geographic.  At first glance, the implications of the graph are startlingly obvious: the US spends way too much on health care, a view that has been widely repeated throughout the health care reform debate.  But Evan’s detailed analysis of the graph does make one pause to consider whether the graph might be over-simplifying things.  For starters, he points out that there’s a lot of disparity between what other countries spend on health care and their life expectancies.  This is true – South Korea and Luxembourg have roughly the same life expectancy, but Luxembourg spends two and a half times as much per person on health care as South Korea does.  But whil

Health Care Reform Affecting Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

According to the article “The Missing Link in Health Reform: A Guarantee of Good Coverage At Work” by Richard Kirsch on, the new House bill will require all but very small employers to offer and help pay for good health insurance benefits.  They can also choose to pay a percent of their payroll to the government to assist with covering subsidies.

The Senate bill on the other hand doesn’t require employers to offer or pay for health insurance for their employees.  The Senate bill will require employers with 50 or more full time employees to pay a fine if their employees end up getting subsidies from the government.  What w

Individual Health Insurance Mandates Meet Opposition from All Sides

Now that the public option seems to have been permanently nixed from health care legislation, the individual health insurance mandate is meeting with opposition on all sides of the political spectrum.

The mandate, which is present in both of the bills that have been approved so far by Congress, would require that all Americans purchase insurance, including those who don’t have jobs. Full Post…

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