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The Marena Group Changes Lives One Person at a Time

Leading compression apparel manufacturer, Marena Group, started out in 1994 as a husband – wife team from the couple’s home in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, it has grown to become a world leader in post surgical compression garments manufacturing. The company, which is based in Lawrenceville, GA, employs around 80 people of at least 13 nationalities and manufactures all its products at state of the art facilities located in the United States. Marena Group has grown consistently each year, notching up double digit growth rates.

The company firmly believes that they are in the business of helping people. As the group’s vision statement puts it, they “are passionate about impacting people in a powerful and positive way.” In their business, Marena strive to achieve this through scientific development, university testing, clinical analysis and customer interface. The same vision guides Marena in their social responsibility initiatives. Over a decade ago, the group set up the Marena Foundation with a genuine commitment to help less fortunate people transform their lives for the better. They believed so firmly in their mission that they resolved to donate 10% of profits regardless of the company’s financial situation. So far the company has not compromised on this commitment.

The Marena group supports both local and global social and community programs. The foundation partners with several entities to facilitate their community development programs. These partners include Pay it Forward, Honduras Outreach, West Point Cycling Team, Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry and Young Life, to name some.

Established in 1999 under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the foundation began extending grants in 2000. Today, the foundation structures grants around development programs managed by Marena Foundation.

The foundation continually explores avenues to bring positive change and assistance to the local community. Currently, Marena Foundation assists the local community at two levels. One is the ‘Pay it Forward Fund of Lawrenceville’ program wherein the group extends a “Hand Up” to single mothers who need assistance to restructure their lives and bounce back from setbacks.

At another level, the foundation relies on employees of the Marena Group, a key donor, to connect with members of the local community. Through this channel, Marena foundation identifies individuals in need of assistance and devises ways to make a positive difference to their lives.

The foundation extends assistance to organizations that are involved in educational, health and human services. The Marena Foundation also supports missionaries and spiritual outreach programs. They sponsor two Christian missions in the Dominican Republic. One of these is in Barahona where the foundation has also extended funding to a housing project. The mission project that Marena Foundation supports in Barahona is led by Mark Grenon. The other missionary venture is in San Juan de la Maguana. In addition to this, they also sponsor the education and general welfare of six children aged 6 – 12 at a private school in San Juan de la Maguana.

Marena Group also seeks to promote the well being of their customers. In their business, the company has earned a reputation for innovation, scientific development and customer focus. Marena’s F5 certified patent – pending fabric, ComfortWeave incorporates all five key characteristics required to make compression fabrics highly effective, durable and comfortable. The fabric has been engineered on the basis of F5 science and is the result of years of focused scientific development, university level laboratory testing and clinical analysis. Distinctive characteristics make F5 fabrics the most superior compression material on the market today.

The fabric’s unique three dimensional stretch properties enable multi directional support whilst providing high compression. A high degree of elasticity ensures that the fabric yields a little so that high compression does not squeeze the body. This is the only compression fabric that is capable of high compression and high stretch at the same time. Inbuilt Coolmax® moisture management technology ensures that the garment remains dry and cool even over long hours of wear. This is possible because the fabric is engineered to wick perspiration away from the skin to the garment’s outer surface and into the atmosphere. This permeability also enables balanced temperature control. ComfortWeave also comes with the unique advantage of permanent anti microbial protection, which effectively and continually combats the growth of odor producing bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. This keeps the wearer feeling clean and fresh over the duration of wear. A special blend of Invista’s premium spandex and nylon yarns make this fabric as soft as knitted silk. It feels like a second skin. The fabric’s strength and durability derive from the interlocking of premium fibers in the weave, which makes the material resilient enough to withstand intense pressure and flexing. Laboratory tests have proved that Everyday garments retain their shape better and longer than other brands.

Last year, Marena launched the Everyday line of shape wear for non medical regular use. These garments are all manufactured from ComfortWeave. In a relatively short time, Marena Everyday Shape Wear has become the preferred choice of countless customers. Customers prefer Everyday because they deliver high performance and comfort. Wearing an Everyday garment will not leave one feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

The Marena Everyday product range includes Shape Wear and Sleep Wear for women only, Active Wear for women and men as well as Men’s Gear. These products are designed to slim, shape and energize the wearer. They can also improve skin tone to a certain extent. Everyday garments are so comfortable that one can wear them for hours together.

Today, the Marena Group has a market presence in over 50 countries. The company focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction and continually seeks new ways to improve their products and impact their customers’ lives in a positive way.

As the Marena Group grows its business, it also reaches out to more people in need of assistance. The company strives to make the best use of resources and curb waste with a view to helping as many people as they can in the local community as well as internationally.

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