Types Of Compression Hosiery

Types Of Compression Hosiery


Most sheer support pantyhose have fashionable colors and fit, however, as strong as they are, they can still run.

Opaque supports are a lot sturdier than regular sheer supports. The longest lasting are the surgical weight, but they do tend to be uncomfortable and bunch up at the knees sometimes. Try a pair of microfiber opaque supports instead. They don’t last as long, but the comfort is well worth it.

Even is your experiencing only a slight problem with leg pain or varicose veins, pregnant women should should start wearing support hose. As the pregnancy term goes on, the problems can increase rapidly. Maternity supports are available in all of the styles above.

Make sure that the top band is non constricting. Most men find that a cotton blend works best for them. If your prone to athlete’s foot, make sure to get the cotton support socks.

Support thigh high’s are a great compromise. Without the added constriction of the top panty, they are very comfortable. But to be prepared to pull them up once or twice a day, so it’s not a good idea for a cashier.

Stockings are like thigh highs, just without the top band that keeps them up. They have to be held in place by a garter belt. If you have a bad circulation problem, and can’t tolerate any tightness around your leg, consider purchasing a support stocking instead.

Even if your wearing full length support hose, it’s worth it to get a few pairs of support knee high’s. Think about how many times you wouldn’t want to bother to put on the support pantyhose, and wore nothing instead.
Support knee highs com in all the same styles as the support tights and pantyhose do.