Rudy Steals the Show! (posted 4-30-07)

Rudy Steals the Show! (posted 4-30-07)

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Our own Rudy Guerrero, actor & fitness instructor, is getting rave reviews for his latest performance! Rudy is playing the part of Tonetti in 42nd Street Moon''s "Gay Divorce", being performed at San Francisco''s Eureka Theatre.

First, the SF Bay Times says,

Rudy Guerrero plays Tonetti, the “correspondent” in the divorce at the center of the story with flair and panache. His strong singing is a highpoint of the show, and he never stoops to buffoonery when playing a character which is obviously meant only as comic relief. link

Next, from Theatre World Internet Magazine,

"All the major characters are in great voice, have excellent comic timing and have palpable charisma. Fortunately for the rest of the cast, because he steals the show, Rudy Guerrero as Tonetti does not appear until the end of Act 1 having a ball singing “How’s Your Romance”. His booming voice compliments his foppish mannerisms and bone-head actions." link

And there''s more, from Richard Connema of "",

The eleven singer-actors in this intimate production are all very good. Rudy Guerrero (Pippin, The Golden Apple, Can-Can) is hilarious as Tonetti, whose motto is "your wife is safe with Tonetti... he prefers spaghetti." He livens the show every time he appears on stage, with the flux Italian accent down pat. He also has great vocal cords in "How''s Your Romance?" link

This is one show you''ll want to catch! It''s playing through May 6 at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco. Information & tickets for the show can be obtained through: