How To End Hemorrhoid Pain and Itching

How To End Hemorrhoid Pain and Itching

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How To End Hemorrhoid Pain and Itching

If a friend has looked at you oddly when you have confided that you have hemorrhoids it is most likely because they never have had any. If the hemorrhoids are yours though you know that hemorrhoids are painful. They not only are itchy, but can bleed, and be very tender. But dealing with hemorrhoids is not only possible, but you will most likely get a good outcome if you follow just a few easy steps.

Probably the fastest and easiest thing you can do to take care of any hemorrhoid condition is to apply an cold compress to the vicinity. This will give you instant relief and reduce swelling of the hemorrhoidal tissues.

The second thing that you may want to think about is using a suppository that is developed to treat hemorrhoids. One of the brands that people like a lot is Preparation H. It not only soothes the aggravated tissues, but it also helps to make bowel movements easier.

As a final point, hemorrhoids are one of those conditions that call for being treated from the inside out. The majority of the time straining while eliminating waste is the principal reason for hemorrhoids. In order to allow them to heal and inhibit them from coming back you need to make pooping easier.

There are two basic steps that work for most people. In the short term, most people discover that using an over the counter stool softener is a excellent way to get fast relief. The easiest way to find a softener that will work for you is to ask your pharmacist what they would propose.

After you get your initial symptoms cleared up you will want to take several steps to fix your elimination system. I have had fantastic success with learning how to get more fiber into my diet and that is helping with my whole system. The easiest way I have found to add in lots of fiber is to make a full half of what I eat fruits and veggies. This was a major change in my eating lifestyle, and if that is true for you as well, I would advocate that you start gradually. Add to your veggie or fruit intake at a single meal to begin then build up from there. The increase in fiber will soften your stools and that in turn will help your hemorrhoids to heal.

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