Home Remedies For Psoriasis

Home Remedies For Psoriasis

Nowadays it is preferable and practical to save money. But this may seem next to impossible for a person who has a lifelong condition such as psoriasis. While most people would turn to doctors for help, there are some home remedies for psoriasis that can help soothe symptoms of the disease without burning a huge hole in their wallets. The most basic of these home remedies for psoriasis is to take a bath.

Home Remedies For Psoriasis

Warm baths with Dead Sea salts, bath oils, and even oatmeal with oil can help soothe swollen skin and gently remove flaking are the easiest home remedies for psoriasis. These baths should be prepared using warm water, and people with psoriasis should not use soaps that have harsh ingredients. Sea salt and water mixtures are considered as powerful home remedies for psoriasis, and are also used by cancer patients.

Another kind of home remedies for psoriasis is exercise. While it may seem unthinkable to exercise when one is affected with psoriasis, it actually helps improves a person’s strength. Not all forms of exercise are ideal, however, since psoriasis may cause swollen joints. Swimming in slightly heated water, cycling, and tai chi are some of the best exercises for psoriasis.

Some home remedies for psoriasis can be found in one’s kitchen. Castor oil is ideal for lesions, and is most effective when applied and left overnight. One may mix baking soda with cold-pressed castor oil, which improves scaly, thick, and uncracked skin. Garlic, liquid licorice extract, cayenne pepper, and vinegar are other home remedies for psoriasis found in the kitchen. These can detoxify, soothe, and heal symptoms of psoriasis on the person’s skin.

Those with psoriatic arthritis can make splints that can relieve the swelling of the joints. An ice pack is one of the home remedies for psoriasis arthritis, as this can lessen the swelling and even improve the motion of the affected joints. Moisturizers are another of these home remedies for psoriasis. Moisturizers may be applied on the affected areas before the person goes to bed, and then covered with plastic wrap to trap the moisture. The plastic wrap can then be removed before the person takes a bath the next day to get rid of the scales.

Those who consume a lot of alcohol may lower the effectiveness of these home remedies, which is why those affected with the disease are told to avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. Smoking is also another bad habit that should be stopped even by those without psoriasis, since this can increase the chance to develop (severe) psoriasis that would require stronger treatments than these home remedies.

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