Excercise, Lengthen your life

Excercise, Lengthen your life

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Many people already know that one way to stay healthy is with exercise. With health besides exercising awake, body posture can be maintained with a proportional. Unfortunately many people ignore the problem of this sport.

Some physical characteristics found in people who never exercise:

Body shapes that are not proportional, this occurs because of excessive accumulation of fat in certain body parts like the arms, thighs and stomach.

Excessive weight (obesity).
Frequently exposed to diseases caused by lack of physical fitness awake or weak immune system.

The face that looks no brighter (looks lethargic) and does not look excited.

Often sleepy, especially in the morning.

It’s easy fatigue, wheezing for breath during walking far or climbing stairs.

Often experience problems such as muscle cramps easy or stiff muscles because muscle elasticity and flexibility is reduced.

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