Alabama Dental Plan

Alabama Dental Plan

"Throughout this year I had numerous dental problems and purchased one of your plans. Thankfully, I saved almost 500.00 on only three procedures. I am a senior citizen and I’m on a limited budget, so these savings truly help me. The money I saved paid for my yearly membership several times over, which is a huge relief."

Carolyn - Huntsville, AL - December, 2005

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Ameriplan USA® Dental Plan

Availability: Nationwide
Dentists: 25,000
Monthly Membership Fee
Family: $19.95 per month
Annual Membership Fee
Family: $239.40 per year

Since 1992, Ameriplan USA® has been committed to building a quality network for all your dental care needs. We currently have more than 25,000 dentists and locations nationwide, and we add more every day. If you are looking for high-quality dentists and real savings, the AmeriPlan Dental Plan is the right choice!

And, because this is not insurance, there are no deductibles, no claim forms, and no annual limits to the benefits you can receive. Simply present the identification card and receive immediate savings at the time of service.

Plus, get 3 additional benefits added to your program for FREE!

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Save Money Treating Your Student’s Teeth

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Worried that you’re going to have to start footing the bill for your recent high school grad’s dental insurance? Don’t worry! The family dental plan provided by your employer will probably cover your kids so long as they are registered as your dependents, as they will continue be during their time as a college student-though there is typically an age cap at around 23 as well to prevent parent’s employers from supporting students-for-life. However, if your employer insists that your recent high school grad should find his or her own dental insurance, you can purchase a cheap discount dental plan for just your student, or, for just a bit more, can get a discount dental plan for your whole family. With no monthly premiums and only a modest annual fee-less than $200 is common-you can ensure that your child’s teeth are still protected even when they’re formally abandoned by their previous insurance. What’s more, there is no age cap on this family dental coverage. Your kids will be protected under the plan so long as they are living in your household.

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