About this site

About this site

This site is for you if you find that the American healthcare system does not treat you so much as a patient, whom it is attempting to benefit, but more as a risk, whom it is attempting to manage.

This site also is for you if you are an employer struggling to understand how high health insurance costs have become such problem for you; or, conversely, you are an employee seeking to understand why healthcare has become such a problem for you in your job. This site explores how having one''s job be the source of one''s healthcare is disrupting both the American economy at large and the American workplace in particular.

This is a news site, not an advocacy site. It provides news on how health care costs are affecting you. Moreover, if a "More" link is attached to an article, by pressing it you may also receive commentary, analysis, and research assistance on this news.

It provides you with information about how the healthcare system now works (or does not work, depending upon your viewpoint ) and where it is heading. It explores why healthcare costs so much and how these costs are affecting you, not only as a patient, but also as an employee or as a citizen generally. More generally, it explores how the healthcare industry has become so much about managing risks rather than promoting health and about what you can do to correct this.

In particular, it explores these topics:

Employment issues: How the high cost of healthcare is affecting the American workplace.

Foreign Plans: How do the Canadian, the British, and other foreign plans really work.

Medical Costs:Why does healthcare cost so much, and what can be done about it.

Medical Globalization: Healthcare is about to be outsourced not only through medical tourism, but otherwise.

Medical Insurance: What are medical insurers doing and why.

Medical Technolgy: The American healthcare system may or may not be the best in the world, but it is the most capital intensive.

Political Issues: How are efforts toward single-payer and other health care reform progressing.

Duncan C. Kinder maintains this site. A cancer survivor, he graduated from Princeton University and the Ohio State University School of Law. He is a former newspaper reporter and former member of the ADA Ohio Steering committee. He resides in Southeastern Ohio, where he raises beagles.