You Guys! If you have ever considered going gluten or grain free/sugar free/dairy free, you need to read It Starts With Food. Yesterday marked my 3oth day on Whole30, but I have decided to extend my Whole30 to a Whole45. There are a few reasons why I decided to extend the (normally) 30 day program, but what it all boils down to is: 30 days just wasn’t long enough for me.

While I have seen HUGE improvements for the past 30 days, I still want to work on a few things that I have just began to touch on. One of those things is my psychological relationship with food (cravings, habits, the way food makes me “feel”.) I have been seriously surprised that I haven’t had more cravings. I’m afraid that once I add sweeteners back into my diet, that will change. I hope by extending my Whole30 15 days, I will be able to get a little more practice under my belt as far as that goes.

Another reason I’ve decided to extend is because I feel like I’m just starting to learn how to listen to my body as far as hunger cues and to trust my body when it sends me “hungry” and “full” signals. I am equally as surprised that doing my Whole30, I never over-ate. I ate mostly three meals a day, and if I got hungry in between meals or after dinner, I had fruit and/or nuts. As far as food goes, I have ignored those “hungry” and “full” signals for my whole life. While I feel like I’m doing great right now, I know 30 days is not going to reverse a lifetime of bad habits and neglecting and not listening to my body.

I want to continue to have a healthier relationship with food, not obsessing over every spoonful of this or that. I want to know that I’m fueling my body with healthy, unprocessed food. Not sugar, or cheeze product.I want to continue to cook my own meals, because it tastes better, even if it means inconvenience, or standing on my feet for an hour after work instead of throwing something in the microwave and plopping my ass on the couch. I want to continue to lose fat, but not obsess about the number on the scale every.single.day.

The 45 day total will put me through the month of October, the 45th day being October 31st. Time has gone by so fast that I feel like I haven’t missed anything at all. There’s something to be said for eating satisfying food. This extension will also take me to the end of the October Unprocessed challenge. I am so proud of myself, I really thought I’d never feel like this. Here’s to the next 15 days!!!