The Chain of Health Has Many Links

The Chain of Health Has Many Links

There are multiple links in the Chain of Health. Let’s start off with the basics.

The 2 Big Dogs are:

1) Diet and Nutrition, and…

2) Exercise and Fitness.

But, There Are More Than 2 Links in the Health Chain… Many More!

However, you can’t just stop there. Many other links are necessary to look at, in order to build a solid foundation of personal health.

There’s Stretching and Flexibility…

Pure Water, Clean Air, and the proper exposure to Sunlight…

Deep Recuperative Sleep…

And I’d say a Positive Mental Outlook is very important, as well…

Let’s see, what else?

Going Much Deeper Into The Answers…

Decompression of the body, especially the spine, is of utmost importance. And it may be the most overlooked technique of good health and pain relief!

Amino Acid therapy is extremely powerful, but it takes a real expert in nutritional science to know how to administer it properly.

Minerals are essential. Simply put, the human body is not able to make or produce a single mineral. If we don’t consume minerals on a regular basis then the body begins to break down.

Your Body Is Melting Away…

For example, the body is so desperate for a regular supply of the mineral calcium that it will literally melt our bones (using our own enzymes) in order to free up essential calcium for our bloodstream!

That is, if we don’t consume enough of this macro mineral on a regular basis.

As you can see, we’ve opened up a BIG BOX with this discussion on the subject of health.

In the next day or two, we will pick right up where we left off.

An Expert in Health Will Guide You Safely Through Dangerous Territory

I’ve actively studied the subject of health for over 40 years now, and have had the advantage of being a full-time practicing doctor for the last 20 years.

We’ve got a lot to cover!

Don’t worry, you’re gonna learn quickly with the help of ‘cheat sheets’, and luckily we’ll uncover a few shortcuts along the way…

Talk with you soon,

Dr. Michael Quadlander

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Doctor Q.


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