Oral ulcers what was up! How to prevent!! (What to eat food, what drugs. once caught, how a certain cure??

Oral ulcers what was up! How to prevent!! (What to eat food, what drugs. once caught, how a certain cure??

Oral ulceration

Oral ulcers what was up! How to prevent!! (What to eat food, what drugs. once caught, how a certain cure??
question:Because rise,oral cavity ulcer is what reason! How to prevent! ! (Eat what food, what medicaments. Once was gotten, how to treat? ?
anwser:Fungus causes general oral cavity ulcer, the person is in angst when, the immune ability of the body drops, to the bacteria inside him body cannot very good inhibition, bring about their many breed, appear thereby all sorts of diseases, included ulcer.
Return some person food the habit is bad, have a meal out of order, the food that perhaps eats is too careful. The food that contains vitamin B is little, also can bring about cankerous occurrence. The word of this kind of reason, you should have bit of coarse food grain.
If you had ulcer now, eat bit of vitamin the medicaments of B a group of things with common features, do not lick cankerous place with the tongue, if likelihood, the place that lets ulcer can keep dry and best. Dry and OK kill fungus. Brush his teeth well, maintain oral cavity sanitation. Needless with the medicaments with too much what.
Bolus of the Qing Dynasty on bezoar
The water that drinks watermelon green skin to boil perhaps uses alum gargleOral cavity ulcer may be the word castration shop that the ~ that causes as a result of suffer from excessive internal heat wants to contain a VC one day 3 times two to be bothered very quickly with respect to good ~~ spare time in place of the open part of a sore only Maiyike is stuck ah ~~ is very cleverWhy be oral cavity ulcer?

Common of oral cavity ulcer calls " aphtha " , it is the ulcer of watch shallow sex that happens on oral cavity mucous membrane, can bulk come from grain of rice soybean volume: ? A bit incomplete is face of ulcer of? of Ke character incomplete sunken: ? Qi С urinates? can cause ache because of excitant food, come commonly two weeks are OK self-healing. Oral cavity ulcer is become periodic happen repeatedly, " calls " of ulcer of recrudescent sex oral cavity on medicine. Can come on one year several times, OK also a month comes on a few times, new even old pathological change appears alternately.

How to differentiate oral cavity ulcer and debaucjed

Although ulcer of oral cavity mucous membrane and debaucjed are the common symptom in disease of oral cavity mucous membrane, but completely different two different matters, go up in clinical expression above all erosion and simple table ulcer are distinguishing. Oral cavity ulcer can be caused by the whole body or local element, although all sorts of ulcer have epithelial inside or epithelial below, shallow-layer or depth, acute or chronic, benign with malign cent, but have cave quality; Appearance regulation, show a circle or elliptic; Attrib border and trenchant, with all round abb of classics of " of normal mucous membrane is trenchant " . And oral cavity debaucjed, clinical expression is mixed to congest with flush of surface of normal mucous membrane erosion, do not have cave, go up false film of Fu oozy sex, appearance diversity, not regular, with all round the dividing line between normal mucous membrane is not clear. Next, both course of diseases and prognosis are different. Ulcer is general course of diseases is shorter, once cicatrization, with respect to " flat and agile " , shallow be in scar is not had after cicatrizationing with benign ulcer, but the ulcer that reachs flesh layer greatly and exception of ulcer of malign oral cavity. Erosion is general course of diseases is longer, relapse defer, and " of messy of heal process " , but erosion does not leave scar commonly. Both finally the expression below microscope is different. Cankerous expression is epithelial successional have interrupt, erosion compares simple table and clinking skin is interrupted successionally. Mix when ulcer when erosion is not quite typical, differentiate can have difficulty, but want attentive observation only, still can distinguish generally speaking. Those who be worth to put forward is, these two kinds of ill caustic are OK be changed each other or both exist at the same time.