My Story and your opinion  Tips For Healthy Hair

My Story and your opinion Tips For Healthy Hair

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I first started noticing I was losing my hair when I was 25, I started on FIN and Minox right away but had a lot of scalp issue with Monix so I stopped at 6 months. At 27 my hair had thinned and diffused a lot so I decided to try Dutasteride, the results where great and I got a lot of my hair back over the next year and a half. I am now 32 and over the last 8 months my hair as really started to thin and diffuse again. So my question is what to do after Dutasteride? I have had a hair transplant on my hair line which I was very happy with but I have noticed that it is starting to go down hill again.

I am not bald and still have lots of hair but I see it heading down hill again so I am trying to be proactive, my hair is very thick per strand. My thinning pattern is odd it is in the shape of an S that starts at the back of my head and goes to the front. At first I thought it was just a part but it is getting bigger and bigger and the front is really thinning.

Any opinions or help would great

it’s really hard to see the thinning from those pics

but it sounds like you are doing everything you can to prevent your "balding" predicament

and enjoy your hair in the meantime

I think you’ve lost all perspective Jk, your hair looks thick and healthy.

No medication can get your hair better than that .

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