Live and Feel younger with Great Health

Live and Feel younger with Great Health

You have found one of the three key ingredients needed to reverse aging revitalize your body and drastically improve your health. Aging results when the body is destroyed by microbes, when body cells don’t reproduce and rejuvenate as they did in your prime or when your vital organs get plugged and deteriorate. Feeling young and being young requires this third vital element to clean your blood system and rejuvenate vital organs needed for you to function to the MAX.

Angioprim is Your Best Choice to Regain health by Cleaning vital organs and opening Blocked Arteries. Angioprim is the Original Liquid Oral Chelation that rejuvenates your body Fast and Easy. Angioprim has been recognized as the world leader in oral chelation for over 12years. There is no product more effective for cleaning arteries and improving health.

The Medical industry profits with your poor health. Doctors and TV commercials try to make you believecholesterol and blood clots are the cause of heart disease when, in fact, calcium plaque is the real cause. Do you ever wonder why a calcium score is so important? Or why Doctors encourage calcium use when they should be warning of the many different diseases calcium causes. Daily your body becomes overloaded and saturated with calcium, way too much calcium. Everything you eat and everything you drink has lots of calcium in it. This excess unneeded calcium floats around your body like grains of sand seeking a place to cause disease with pain and misery the result is: your heart and arteries get plaque buildup, your panaceas and liver get plugged and you lose your health, when your joints get plugged you get Arthritis, the same thing goes for Prostate disease, Thyroid disease, along with Macular Degeneration of the eyes, Tinnitus (ringing) in the ears, Kidney stones, Gallstones, Lupus and other diseases. Medical science is only now starting to recognize some forms of Cancer are caused by calcium irritation that leads to inflammation then mutation of body cells and then tumors.

Angioprim is the top performer with “20 times the power and 20 times the speed” of other chelation products including IV Chelation. This statement is based on product comparison by customers worldwide. EDTA is the accepted primary chelator for dissolving arterial plaque. There are over 52 different forms of EDTA (and they are not all equal) many pills, potions and powders use the cheapest forms of EDTA like those in toothpaste, baby food or bread, some work some don’t, and all except one are destroyed or rendered ineffective by stomach acids.

Angioprim is not destroyed by stomach acids like other Oral Chelators. You don''t have to worry! Angioprim is very safe and unlike surgery will not cause brain damage or stroke. Angioprim dissolves plaque at the molecular level, one atom at a time. Angioprim will not damage or dissolve existing stents.

Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries and is the leader others try to duplicate. Our competitors like using our name to point to their websites, but no other product can provide the fast, effective results of Angioprim. Angioprim does what Doctors should do without surgery, remove calcium plaque and open blocked arteries. Doctor prescribed cholesterol drugs do not dissolve plaque and blood pressure pills need to be taken forever. Angioprim is your best choice to better health.

Angioprim Eliminates the Risk

Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries. When your life is on the line, you have a hard decision to make. Is the product you’ve chosen safe and does it really work? Well luckily your search is over, you have found the fastest, safest, and best way to dissolve plaque and open blocked arteries. Everyone is different some people have plaque not only in their arteries, but also in many of their vital organs including the brain. Angioprim is extremely fast and some people see significant improvements in the first days or week while others take longer depending on the severity and complexity of their problems. Angioprim cleaning takes an average of 32-36 days, although some folks with very extreme problems will take longer.

Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries because customers have seen 100% blocked arteries opened within weeks. From carotid arteries to congestive heart disease, you won’t have to worry about having a heart attack or fear the risk of surgery once your arteries are clear. Most customers discover within 10 to 20 days their health has been drastically improved and that Angioprim really works.

The Symptoms of Heart Disease

Poor Sleep, low energy, fatigue, exertion, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, pain in the arms or legs, the feeling of needing a nap are all symptoms of cardiovascular problems.

A Heart attack means a portion of your heart has died from oxygen starvation and will not come back to life. Poor blood flow is the problem. When a large portion of the heart muscle dies, so do you.

Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries because almost everyone over 30 is at risk of heart disease and arteries start getting plaque when you are a teenager. There are only a few good options that will reverse or prevent a Heart Attack. Drugs won’t do it, controlling yourcholesterol and blood pressure will only delay the big one for a little while. Bypass surgery and Angioplasty are somewhat effective but most often have to be repeated every few years. The bad part of surgery is, it causes physical and mental health problems and only addresses the large blockages that are easy to clean. When you have small blockages it’s called Congestive Heart Failure and the Doctor can’t do anything for it, except give you drugs to mask the problem.

Don’t Tell Me You Have the Best Cardiologist in Town

When a Doctor does Angioplasty, a balloon on the end of a catheter is inserted into your artery to squash the offending plaque against the wall of your artery, it is then held captive with a metal wire stent. The catheter passing through the arteries often damage the arteries and cause plaque to be scraped off in large chunks, that plaque is flushed through your body and may end up in the brain causing paralysis, mental deficiencies, or a stroke. After surgery you will still have Heart disease, because the plaque buildup under the stent and in other areas of your body has not been removed. The catheter cannot get to and clean the small arteries and arterioles that cause congestive heart disease. Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries

Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery offer only a limited and very short term stopgap solution to improve your health. Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery are partial treatments that lead to further heart problems and continued ongoing drug treatment. Surgery leaves your body a physical wreck and it takes many months, just to be able to breathe without pain. I’ve had many customers say “the Doctor rushed me into surgery, I wasn’t able to say no.” Now these customers have medicated Stents that were designed to prevent blood clots and yet they have to take Plavix daily to prevent blood clots. Some Doctors keep them on Plavix for years, at a great expense to the patient, Medicare, or the insurance company. Angioprim is your best choice to clean blocked arteries.

A wonderful friend of mine was paralyzed on the left side of his body from an angioplasty. After three months of not being able to walk or talk he took his life. Many people have experienced similar tragedies caused by surgery. I know first hand because Doctors killed me twice during an Angioplasty, and left a stent cocked at an angle blocking 80% of that arteries blood flow in the center of my heart. They said “We are sorry but we can’t get it in and we can’t get it out, it seems your only option is a heart transplant, unfortunately you don’t qualify for a heart transplant because you are over 50 and you don’t have any dependant children living with you.” I didn’t believe them, and after researching the problem I created Angioprim. I quickly discovered that Angioprim was able to dissolve the plaque that was under the stent and I was able to restore blood flow to the artery the Doctors failed to do. I would like to thank all my friends and relatives, and all their friends and relatives, who were the vanguard of testing this product 12 years ago. Don’t hesitate Angioprim is your best

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