How To Get Investment Banking Offers

How To Get Investment Banking Offers

Search Engine Optimization Guide for Webmasters [senior Hs Paper]

Search Engines have developed into the Internet’s most popular and powerful source of information, accounting for an estimated 80% of the Internet’s traffic (Heche, 2007, p. 1). As a result, website owners are realizing the power in such devises and are shifting marketing budgets into the optimization [...]

How To Get Investment Banking Offers
As we move further into summer internship season, many have asked me why they can get interviews but can never seem to get actual offers.

Usually, they lack a hook. To get an investment banking job, it’s not enough to show you can do the job well and have a serious [...]

Interview Tips For The Baby Boomer
Going through an interview session with the younger generation can certainly present an entirely different set of problems for baby boomers. However, there’s no need for older job seekers to get disheartened so easily. In addition to older employees having more job experience, there is also the Federal Age [...]

Some Common Job Interview Questions
The questions asked in the interview are of different types according to the requirement of the job. The interview can be divided into two types according to the skills, which are tested. These types are the general interview and the technical interview. The questions asked in the general interview are common [...]

Israel Should Not Have Legalised Its Attack On Palestine
Israel recently was reported to launch attacks towards the Gaza City in Palestine (Al-Jazeera, 2009). Where unnumbered civilians were killed in the attack, the spokesman for Israeli government Mark Regev denied any wrongful conduct on behalf of Israel (Regev, 2009). He further maintained that if the Hamas [...]

How to Apply for Scholarships,grants and Fellowships


more scholarship links,addresses,and help are on the above website for all.

What you must know before applying is important to be clear on the scholarship requirements. After all, you want to be sure you are eligible before you apply for scholarships. If [...]

How To Answer Investment Banking Fit Interview Questions

How To Answer Investment Banking Fit Interview Questions
If you’ve managed to land investment banking interviews, you need to keep in mind 3 big themes as you go through interviews and try to get a job:

-You can “burn the midnight oil” – you work hard, consistently.

-You “don’t shake the Jello” – you do not make mistakes.

-You [...]

Interviewing Best Practices
Would it be surprising to know that in many cases the determination to hire someone happens within five minutes of meeting them? What happens when a charming applicant gives all the right answers? Many times, applicants are hired for their charm instead of their job related knowledge, skills, and abilities. This also happens [...]