Diet Plans, Six Week Body Makeover

Diet Plans, Six Week Body Makeover

Maybe I’m including people who are overweight, although maybe people do not think like that. But, I feel have a problem with my weight. I ever go on a diet a few times, but after a successful diet program and weight down to a few pounds, I feel my fat again. I 55 kilos, and in a single diet program I could lose up to 6 pounds. That means I now weigh 49 kilos. Yes, but soon recovered my body back to normal. I always try new things in my lifestyle, I apply the diet, exercise, and calculate the calorie intake of every food I eat. Now I get a new way to weight-loss program and I want to share it with you. Weight loss program is the latest Six Week Body Makeover.

Six Week Body Makeover Program is a program to lose weight with the principles eat more exercise less. You do not need to bother to lose weight, I found it in We’ll fill out questionnaire and we will know what foods are suitable for our body in accordance with the body’s metabolism. Bodymakeover makes you not need to exercise too much, because you also get your body determines the blueprint. Body makeover program actually adjusts to your liking, how much you want to lose weight, what foods will lower your weight, and blueprints of your body. This is a screen shoot from the questionnaire that I filled.

There are 49 questions that must you fill with your self. And the result is, I have the body type C. In accordance with the picture below.

According to the questionnaire that I filled, I have the body type C (Meso-Endo). I have a lot of muscle so that it will allow to burn fat. I also have a great metabolism, but to maintain weight after exercise is completed, it is rather difficult. And it was not you, I was not able to maintain my weight after I finished running a diet or exercise program.

Basically if I want to eliminate excess body weight, I have to speed up metabolism. Metabolism will make a backup food left burning, and not stored as fat. I was advised to eat apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, fresh pineapple, peaches, bananas and melons. I can stop hunger by using the right combination meals. You may be interested to try it, and want to do a body makeover program further by an expert? Please visit the website, it definitely will help you lose weight. Good luck.