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bamboucha = kombucha?
trinke fanta ! sei bamboucha ! wer kennt diese werbespruch nicht? heute beim rumsurfen finde ich doch tatsächlich das neue konkurenzprodukt von aldi kombucha? na dann prost - mahlzeit.

kombucha - mein neues haustier
wie ich bei einer harmlosen party durch ein nettes gespräch über entgiftung ein neues haustier bekam. "kombucha - mein neues haustier" vollständig lesen.

kombucha: what is this weird, good feeling tea
for this reason kombucha has caught our attention. kombucha is a sweet tea that supposedly contains a liver cleansing enzyme. kombucha most likely prevents bacterial disruption of glucuronic acid and therefore, increases the ...

[info]runstaverun''s had good finds in the past from whole foods, such as sol maté, the awesome yerba maté soda that i adored and have gone back for a few times. so he found gt''s kombucha, another beverage full of... history and supposed ...

kombucha craze?.
kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-cha) is a handmade chinese tea that?.. i personally don?t think tastes all that great yes, i think i have tried every flavor. i am surrounded by a team of peeps who swear by it?s magic and drink it ...

kombucha ? yeaaaap !!!!
habia oido hablar de esta bebida pero de una forma difusa, la gente hacia preguntas y habia pocas respuestas, asi que vi en el catalogo de granovita algo que anunciaban como ?te de kombucha? y dada mi aficion a los tes ya probar las mas ...

kombucha tea
curious if anyone here drinks or brews kombucha tea?

pink kombucha!
this is one of my fizziest creations yet. i''ve come to accept that kombucha, being a living organism, will sometimes perform better than others and there''s not much i can do about it. this particular batch was made with green tea with a ...

drink your culture live.
if you?re interested in the ?good health, great longevity, inner serenity and incisive mental clarity? that the kombucha wonder drink company claims their tea promotes, you may want to read a beverage review or two before buying. i ...

sep 5, how to make organic kombucha tea
organic kombucha tea, also referred to as mancurian tea or kargasok tea, is made with a live starter culture that is added to a mixture of black tea and sugar. here''s how to make your own brew...